It was a successful turnout of veterinarians and veterinary students at the 2014 47th Annual Conference of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) Sept. 18-20 in Albuquerque, N.M., last week. The 2014 theme was “Reconnect. Retool. Reclaim.”

A total of 1,611 registrants, including 1,090 veterinarians and more than 250 students, as well as hundreds of exhibitors and accompanying persons were in attendance, including veterinarians from 16 countries. Adding to this year’s success were in-depth pre-conference seminars including a hands-on milking equipment seminar with a portable parlor, the AVMA Animal Connections exhibit, a new product showcase in the Exhibit Hall and the Second Annual 5K Stampede Fun Run sponsored by Novartis Animal Health and Charleston|Orwig with over 150 participants which added to the Amstutz Scholarship Fund.

Immediate Past President Dan Grooms, DVM, PhD, Michigan State University, said, “Now more than ever, it's important for our profession to be versatile and provide a diverse array of services to their clients. After our Milwaukee meeting in 2013 where there was a focus on embracing the challenges of our profession, it is clear that our members are looking for new and exciting opportunities in today’s ever changing world. I really get excited when I hear our members talking about new opportunities that they have identified and implemented that are making significant differences for the clients they serve.”

Grooms noted that in the past year, AABP as an organization has made progress developing guidelines for its membership on a variety of topics including euthanasia, the handling of non-ambulatory cattle, implementation of the veterinary-client-patient relationship, mitigation of painful procedures and more.

In addition, AABP has been active in producing business management webinars for bovine veterinarians through its Veterinary Practice Sustainability Committee, and has played a leadership role in conversations around issues of importance to members and animal agriculture including animal welfare, antimicrobial use and resistance, and prudent drug use.

Incoming AABP President John Davidson, DVM, Dipl. ABVP (beef), Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., added, "The 47th Annual AABP meeting in Albuquerque focused on providing the attending veterinarians, students and technicians with practical and immediately implementable tools to take and use on the first day back in practice. These added skills serve to help our member veterinarians in reclaiming some business opportunities this fall and in seasons to come. These efforts are central to the AABP's mission by enhancing the cattle veterinarian's ability to lead our industries in cattle health, welfare and productivity. And I think we achieved our goals."

Also meeting in conjunction with AABP was the American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners.

Visit to see additional information on the 2014 Annual Conference. The 2015 AABP Conference will be held Sept. 17-19 in New Orleans, La.