Dairy Records Management Systems (DRMS) Heifer Genetics Monitor (DHI-429 report) allows producers to closely monitor the genetic value of both current and unborn heifers to make early culling decisions.

Two lists provide information on:

  • All heifers sorted by Projected Heifer Cow Rank (PHCR). PHCR are percentiles which pinpoint each heifer’s rank or Merit$ within the cow herd, based on either the heifer’s parent average for Merit$ or her own genomic Merit$ if she has been tested.
  • Expected offspring of cows or heifers due within the next 60 days, enabling producers to prepare for arriving calves. Expected offspring records are sorted by due date with the earliest births listed first.

Both lists show each individual herd’s option for Merit$, whether that be net, cheese, fluid or grazing merit. With approximately 13% of DRMS’ herds doing genomic testing on some of their heifers, there is a need for a report that can help them select the best candidates for testing.