Bovine Disease

Beware of blister beetle toxicity

Blister beetles are common throughout the United States and several species can be found in the Great Plains during the summer months. Blister beetles are feared by many horse owners, but the toxin contained in the bodies of the beetles can also cause problems if ingested by cattle. FULL STORY »

Heat stress warning for weekend

Based on the USDA-ARS and NOAA forecast maps, parts of Eastern Kansas, Oklahoma east of the panhandle, and Texas east of the panhandle are under a Heat Stress “Danger” to “Emergency” watch/warning for June 3 and June 4. FULL STORY »

Prevent post-flooding cattle issues

2011 has seen a tremendous amount of flooding in the south, and areas along the Mississippi River are taking the brunt of it. Since the 2005 hurricanes, veterinarians, producers, Extension personnel and disaster experts have been developing emergency response plans to prevent and/or respond to damages caused by flooding, hurricanes and other disasters. FULL STORY »

How do I know the prevalence of bovine leukosis in my herd?

Maybe you know that some cows in your herd have been infected with bovine leukemia virus (BLV), but how widespread is it? BLV-infected animals may be less able to mount an immune response to pathogen exposure. FULL STORY »

FAD PReP Swine and Dairy Industry Manuals

The FAD PReP Swine and Dairy Industry Manuals are now available from the Center for Food Security and Public Health at Iowa State University for preparation in the event of a swine or cattle-susceptible, highly contagious foreign animal disease (FAD) outbreak. FULL STORY »

Personal biosecurity for livestock farm visits

Biosecurity practices for farm visitors and farm visits need to minimize the risk of transporting disease between farms. FULL STORY »

Know the signs of a disease outbreak

When it comes to preparing for animal disease outbreaks, it’s important that you and your employees know that to look for. FULL STORY »

Veterinarians: TB recertification seminars set

Seminars are scheduled at 10 Wisconsin locations for veterinarians who need to be certified or recertified to conduct caudal fold testing for bovine tuberculosis. FULL STORY »

Foot and mouth disease the ultimate agroterrorism threat

The last time Linda Lee checked, there was no imminent threat to the U.S. food and agricultural sector. But that could change. “We know that terrorist groups are interested” in using unconventional agents against the food and agricultural sector, she told an audience at the FBI International Symposium on Agriculture on Tuesday. FULL STORY »

5th U.S. BVDV Symposium

The 5th U.S. BVDV Symposium will be held Nov. 17-18, in conjunction with the Joint Annual Meeting of the National Milk Producers Federation, the National Dairy Board, and the United Dairy Industry Association. FULL STORY »

Effects of Radiation on Food Animals

Japan’s current crisis with radioactive leaks as a result of a horrendous earthquake, aftershocks and tsunami have not only devastated the human population, but it might also damage current and ongoing food production from livestock. FULL STORY »

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