Bovine Disease

The economic cost of feedlot BRD

BRD causes an estimated $800 million to $900 million annually in economic losses from death, reduced feed efficiency, and treatment costs. The majority of deaths due to BRD occur shortly after arrival to the feedlot or within the first 45 days. FULL STORY »

Blue-green algae can be toxic to animals, humans

Blue-green algae (BGA) can be toxic to cattle, other animals and humans. FULL STORY »

ARS developing anaplasmosis vaccine

Research is under way at the ARS Animal Disease Research Unit in Pullman, Wash., to develop a vaccine that protects cattle against anaplasmosis, a tick-transmitted disease that threatens the health, wellbeing and production of cattle in many parts of the world. FULL STORY »

Flooding and anthrax in cattle

Flooding along the Missouri and other rivers through the central United States is prompting a call for cattle and other livestock producers to watch for signs of the deadly anthrax bacteria once floodwaters recede. FULL STORY »

Q Fever rears its head in western states

The Montana Department of Livestock, in conjunction with the state Department of Public Health & Human Services, USDA-APHIS and the CDC, is investigating a multi-state Q Fever outbreak of illnesses in humans and animals associated with goats from Washington. FULL STORY »

Improved disease screening tools

Prioritizing and developing new tests and screening tools for animal diseases is critical to maintaining both a safe food supply as well as protecting the livestock themselves from domestic or foreign animal diseases. FULL STORY »

Vietnam culls 45,000 animals due to FMD

Agricultural and animal health officials in Vietnam are dealing with a foot-and mouth outbreak. According to reports over the weekend, nearly 38,000 pigs have already been culled. The disease is reported to have infected 39 provinces within the country. FULL STORY »

Britain bluetongue-free

Great Britiain’s Farmers Weekly Interactive reports that Great Britain will officially be reclassified as bluetongue (BTV)-free July 5 after two years without a case of the disease. Bluetongue, however, is still endemic in the U.S. FULL STORY »

Losses from FMD in Vietnam

The Voice of Vietnam News reports that a foot-and-mouth epidemic has broken out in 39 provinces, affecting more than 150,000 head of cattle. FULL STORY »

Heat stress warning for this week

Based on forecast maps there is extreme danger of HEAT STRESS for most of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. FULL STORY »

Unloading Mycoplasma bovis

Many feedlots are buying higher-risk cattle due to economics; help them be prepared for Mycoplasma bovis infections. FULL STORY »

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