Bovine Disease

An interview with Bovicoli bovis

Howdy from a deep, dark crevice of cow 4211! The smell of fall is the in air. What a relief after that long, hot summer. I cannot tell you how many relatives I lost, mostly because I cannot count, but that is beside the point. FULL STORY »

Dairy culling decisions Play video

At the 2011 American Meat Institute Animal Care & Handling meeting in Kansas City, Mo., Dr. Kurt Vogel discussed reasons for dairy cattle culling and the role veterinarians can play in assisting producers in their decision-making. FULL STORY »

Immunocompetence of FMD-infected cattle

BioMed Central has available a new paper on the immunocompetence of cattle infected with foot and mouth disease virus. FULL STORY »

Using 'Black Death' genetic tools for investigating cattle diseases?

An international team has sequenced the entire genome of the Black Death, one of the most devastating epidemics in human history -- could these tools be used to investigate cattle disease? FULL STORY »

Q fever in the Northwest

Q fever caused by Coxiella burnetii has reared its head again in 2011, this time on goat farms in Washington and Montana. FULL STORY »

E. coli Webinar from WSU

Washington State University will be holding a free Webinar, “E. coli updates, current perspectives on cattle, produce and human health.” FULL STORY »

World Rabies Day includes livestock, too

During the fifth annual World Rabies Day, on September 28, the AVMA reminds everyone that rabies in pets is 100% percent preventable through vaccinations, and it’s also an important procedure in horses and cattle. FULL STORY »

Foreign animal disease industry manuals

New manuals available from CFSPH for dairy and swine emergency preparedness. FULL STORY »

Frontline MDs, DVMs will identify disease

Like physicians and human disease, veterinarians are going to be the first to recognize – and then act – on suspected foreign animal disease situations. FULL STORY »

Reduce risk of trich in beef herds

Open cows and transmittable diseases are two phrases no cattleman wants to hear, but unfortunately, the spread of trichomoniasis can cause those problems. FULL STORY »

UC-Davis: New vaccines targeted to Rift Valley Fever

Researchers from the University of California-Davis, and elsewhere are reporting the development of two genetically engineered vaccines to combat the mosquito-borne Rift Valley fever, devastating to livestock and so far confined to Africa and the Middle East. FULL STORY »

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