The Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases (IIAD) invites you to submit a white paper to its Open Call for Proposals. The Institute specializes in research and development of tools, technologies and programs to protect and defend against transboundary animal, emerging, and other zoonotic disease threats. Particular diseases of interest include: foot-and-mouth disease, Rift Valley fever, pandemic/avian influenza, peste des petits ruminants, classical swine fever, and African swine fever, as well as emerging diseases such as porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED). Further details can be found here.

Our current project portfolio includes:

  • Development of countermeasures (e.g., vaccines, anti-virals, immunomodulators) and diagnostic/screening tools.
  • Data aggregation and visual analytics technology for data integration and display.
  • Enhanced passive surveillance systems for animal health syndromes.
  • Business continuity planning for movement of livestock and poultry.
  • Risk-informed planning development templates for state, local, tribal and territorial governments.
  • Disease modeling and economic assessment.
  • Veterinary science educational curriculum for youth and international animal health professionals.

The proposal selection process is performed in two stages. First, principal investigators (PIs) submit white papers (template and submission instructions available here, due Monday, Sept.15, 2014) for review by the IIAD Executive Committee. If selected, the PI will be asked to submit a full proposal providing additional detail on project objectives, budget, requirements, user needs and transition. An external advisory panel composed of subject matter experts (SMEs) on the topic(s) of interest, including at least one industry representative, will review each proposal and rank based on relevance and significance of the proposed work, scientific merit and qualifications of the personnel and facilities. High-ranking proposals will be held for possible future funding within the next 12 months.
Further details, including submission deadlines, topics of interest, and submission instructions, can be found on IIAD's Open Call Website. We encourage you to share this information with any colleagues that may be interested.
For questions, please contact Kelly Soltysiak, Ph.D., IIAD program coordinator, at or 979-845