Time to submit your fun bonvine-practice survey is running out. Have you ever performed a C-section in a client’s kitchen, chased an escaped bull through a shopping mall or treated a kid’s pet rat in between preg-checking cows? Beef and dairy veterinarians encounter some strange and comical situations as they go about their daily practice, and we want to hear about them. We’ll post your stories to BovineVetOnline.com and to Facebook. The veterinarian who submits the story with the most page views, between now and the end of February, will win $50 cash, but the biggest winners will be our readers, who get to learn and laugh from their colleague’s experiences. The stories do not need to be long, just fun, funny or educational. So, channel your inner Baxter Black. Please submit your stories to me atjmaday@farmjournal.com or through Facebook at facebook.com/BovineVeterinarian. Remember to include your name and the name of your practice with your submission.