Responses to last week’s “Name that condition” photo illustrate why a photograph alone is not always sufficient for diagnosis of a disease.

Dr. Bob Glock, from the Arizona Diagnostics lab supplied the photo, He says this picture, from a young feedlot steer, shows the effects of salmonellosis. “It is a very hemorrhagic example,” he says.

Many of the submitted answers suggested hemorrhagic bowel syndrome, or jejunal hemorrhage syndrome. Glock says that condition in pigs and cattle generally has less mucofibrinous to fibrinohemorrhagic enteritis with a more massive effusion of blood, often clotted in cattle. The key feature in cattle he adds, is usually hemorrhage with minimal mucosal thickening and inflammation.

Glock adds that he would differentiate this from hemorrhagic bowel syndrome based on type of animal, culture and histopathology. He acknowledge though, that a veterinarian would need more information to make a good decision. “Probably can’t rule out HBS based on the photo only,” he says.

Submitted diagnoses included:

·         Most listed hemorrhagic bowel syndrome, clostridiosis or clostridial hemorrhagic enteritis.

·         Joao Carlos Fragoso listed salmonellosis as a possible explanation, along with leptospirosis, clostridium, E. col, ruminal acidosis with abomasal and duodenal ulcers, leucosis and uremic syndrome cause by kidney failure or by nutritional disorder.

·         An Instagram participant identified as tresmoo listed salmonellosis as a possibility, along with jejunal hemorrhage syndrome and coccidiosis.

·         One suggested paratuberculosis.

·         One other respondent suspected coccidiosis and one mentioned hardware disease as a possible cause.

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