Iowa State University, the University of Nebraska—Lincoln and Lallemand Animal Nutrition are cooperating to offer the Silage for Beef Cattle Conference this Friday, June 17. The program will take place in Mead, Neb., but for those unable to attend in person, ISU is offering a free live-streaming webcast of the Friday conference.

The program will outline best management practices to help beef producers reduce feed waste and benefit from the optimum feed value of their silage. Friday’s program features a great lineup of beef-nutrition experts discussing a range of topics related to silage quality and management. These include:

·         Dr. Bob Charley, Lallemand Animal Nutrition, "Corn Silage Fermentation Process"

·         Dr. Keith Bolsen, KSU, "Silage Safety, Shrink, and Methods to Control Losses"

·         Dr. Renato Schmidt, Lallemand Animal Nutrition, "Impact of Silage Inoculant"

·         Dr. Jim MacDonald, UNL, "Optimizing Corn Silage Harvest for Quality and Yield"

·         Dr. Dan Loy, Iowa State, "Evaluation of Silages, and What a Feed Test Means for Good vs. Bad Silage"

·         Dr. Andrea Watson, UNL, "Use of Corn Silage in Growing Programs and Protein Considerations"

·         Erickson and Henry Hilscher, UNL, "Feeding Programs for Silage, Silage Hybrid, and Harvest Time Impact on Performance"

·         Dr. Terry Klopfenstein and Hilscher, UNL, "Economics of Silage Use and Proper Pricing"

The program agenda is available online from ISU. Click here to register for the live-streaming webcast on Friday.