Coming April 15 to 17, Ohio State University, with support from Zoetis, will host its Food Animal Medicine Student Symposium (FAMSS). This weekend-long symposium is created by students, for students. Each year OSU students bring speakers from around the nation to teach about all food-producing species, including dairy, beef, swine, small ruminants and poultry.

The students also organize a variety of wet labs to try your hand at food animal skills. This is a free event for students, with all of your lunches and dinners included--you just need to pay for your travel and lodging.

Speakers currently scheduled for this year’s event include:

·         Dr. Fred Gingrich  Current AABP President

·         Dr. Roger Saltman, Zoetis

·         Dr. Paul Rapnicki, Elanco

·         Dr. Tim Holt, Colorado State University, speaking on High Altitude Disease and calving procedures

·         Dr. Gary Oetzel, University of Wisconsin

·         Dr. Franziska Grieder, the National Institute of Health

·         Dr. Cliff Shipley, University of Illinois, speaking on small ruminant reproduction topics and cervids

·         Dr. Roger Thomson, MQ-IQ, discussing Milking Systems Analysis

On Saturday, students will have an opportunity to participate in two of a diverse list of wet labs. These include:

·         Necropsy 

·         Dystocia/Fetotomy 

·         Ruminant Enucleation 

·         High Altitude Pulmonary Atrial Pressure Testing and Whisper Stethoscope

·         Cosmetic Dehorning 

·         Swine and Poultry Necropsy 

·         Dairy Nutrition 

·         Large Animal Suturing Techniques 

·         Teat and Udder Surgery 

·         Hoof Trimming Breeding Soundness Exams 

·         Euthanasia Lab 

·         Milking Systems Analysis 

·         Dairy Farm Analysis (Only offered first session)

Sunday morning, participants will break into smaller groups for more intimate sessions with the speakers. The goal is to create an environment for you to learn in a case-based or discussion-based manner on a wide variety of topics. Below are a few of the workshops planned for this year:

·         The Veterinary Feed Directive

·         Alternative Careers in Veterinary Medicine

·         Vitamins and Minerals in Veterinary Medicine 

·         Calf Scours and Nutrition

·         Judicious Use of Antibiotics

Visit the symposium website for lodging, registration and other information.