The 7th BVDV Symposium is just two weeks away in Chicago, IL, occurring December 6 and 7 at the conclusion of the CRWAD meeting. 

The organizing committee reminds interested participants that on-site registration will be available for the Symposium.  This Symposium will bring forth the latest updates on this important viral pathogen of cattle in a relaxed yet informative Symposium.

The Seventh U.S. BVDV Symposium targets scientists, animal health industry representatives, veterinarians in the field, educators, cattle producers, and policy makers. The theme of the meeting is "Evolution and Ecology of BVDV: Implication for Health and Control”.

Over the past two decades, a consortium of researchers in the United States have organized six symposia held at three-year intervals which presented cutting-edge basic research, and the application of that research to practical control practices for Bovine viral diarrhea virus.

The consortium of researchers is pleased to welcome you to the 7th BVDV Symposium, which has been scheduled for the 20-year anniversary of the 1st US BVDV Symposium held in Ithaca, NY. The 7th BVDV Symposium is being held immediately following the CRWAD and is organized into 6 thematic sessions. Each thematic session will begin with an invited session speaker and will be followed oral abstract presentations selected from abstracts submitted for the Symposium.

The 6 thematic sessions include: 1) BVDV molecular biology, 2) Emerging pestiviruses: detection, host range, and taxonomy, 3) BVDV ecology and transmission, 4) BVDV pathology and pathogenesis, 5) BVDV diagnostics, and 6) Principles of BVDV control. We hope that this meeting provides the platform for increased collaboration, sharing of knowledge, and cooperation in the control of the important viral pathogen of ruminants.

The full program and registration information are available on the symposium website