Are you an expert in feedlot cattle handling or wish you knew more?

Last week feedlot owner Anne Burkholder, Cozad, Neb., offered up a cattle handling challenge test on her Feedyard Foodie website so you can test your knowledge.

Based on videos of handling cattle in a real-life situation, the challenge includes test questions post-viewing that you can submit back to Burkholder.

One question, for example, is: How do I respond when the cattle begin to walk past me and exit the pen?

Burkholder also offers an extra credit question about the difference in type of cattle from a previous handling video (that she also includes) at the end of her questions.

This would be a great teaching tool for your clients’ feedyard crews and others who handle groups of cattle.

I suppose I shouldn’t tell you this, but if you want to cheat you can see this week’s Feedyard Foodie post which has the answers and explanations for the questions. But come on, take the test first!