Our first “Name that condition” photo came from Laura Mushrush, on the Drovers editorial staff. The photo, of a cow on the Mushrush ranch in the Flint Hills of Kansas, shows tissue damage associated with a bite from a venomous snake. The family’s veterinarian, Tom Jernigan of Jernigan Veterinary Clinic, Council Grove, Kansas, treated the animal. She recovered with just a scar remaining.  We received a variety of diagnoses, but this one was tricky, and none of the answers were exactly right. Several however, came close by suggesting the injury resulted from an adverse reaction to an injection. Submitted answers included:

·         Group A Streptococcus infection, from an injury such as puncture lesion.

·         Necrosis and abscess following placement of a vaginal toggle (used to retain vaginal prolapse).

·         Deep abscess from IM injection in hip area (not a recommended site).
Fractured Tuber coxae with dermal puncture with associated secondary cellulitis.

·         Grapple fork accident.

·         Injection site abscess from an oil-based adjuvant.

We are looking for more pictures to use in this series. If you have a photo of an interesting condition, lesion or injury, please send it to me at jmaday@farmjournal.com