At the Beard-Navasota Veterinary Hospital in Navasota, Texas, investing back into the practice and in technology has paid off.

One of the most used pieces of equipment has been a hydraulic chute/tilt table used in the haul-in facilities at the practice. “The most useful piece of equipment we ever invested in besides a palpation sleeve is a tilt hydraulic chute for bovine lameness problems in our cow-calf practice,” says Don Goodman, DVM. “We have utilized it in our practice for over 20 years and I regret not having it 30 years ago.”

Hydraulic chute/tilt table a great investmentGoodman says it has been a major practice builder and has been used for lameness surgeries, lameness diagnostics and feet trims. “It is not only safe for the veterinarian but safe for the most fractious rodeo bull,” he explains. “It helps and we are fortunate to have a highly trained staff who are using it. I believe it is bordering on malpractice as a bovine practitioner to obtain a correct diagnosis and give treatment without the aid of a tilt table.”

The use of the tilt table has been a major source of practice income, Goodman says. “We charge a chute fee plus exam, any diagnostics and treatment. This is a great example of investing in technology.”

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