Sometimes we all need to stop for a minute and take a look at what we’ve accomplished. We are doing that right now at Bovine Veterinarian’s parent company, Vance Publishing Corporation, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary. This privately held company, still in the Vance family, continues to be a leader in the markets it serves.

Celebrating heritageThat got me thinking about my division of the company (Protein), our publications and my editor colleagues. For instance, Drovers/CattleNetwork started in its earliest form as a daily market newspaper in the Chicago Stockyards – 140 years ago. Dairy Herd Management, in existence since 1965, was purchased by Vance Publishing 20 years ago. Our PORK magazine began as an insert in Drovers and has been a standalone magazine for 29 years. And the baby of the family, Bovine Veterinarian, celebrates its 19th year in September.

Now I don’t want to say our editors are long-in-the-tooth, but combined, we editors of these four publications have just over 100 years with Vance publishing. For those of you who know us personally and see us at meetings and events, you know we’re a pret ty tight group who work closely together, back each other up and share information and expertise relevant to our audiences. Vance has encouraged us through the years to grow and become actively involved with the industries – and the people – we serve.

There’s no other industry with a heritage like agriculture and livestock production. I’m proud to have grown up in my industry with my veterinary pathologist father who instilled in me a passion for veterinary medicine. I see that same passion when, over these last two decades, I have seen multiple generations of food-animal veterinarians – fathers and their sons and daughters – who continue the tradition. I could list several families of veterinarians I have known.

That brings me to one last point about heritage, and that’s the 2012 Cattle Production Veterinary Medicine Hall of Fame of which Bovine Veterinarian is a sponsor. Voting is open to AVC and AABP members for this prestigious honor for one beef and one dairy veterinarian. Last year’s inaugural recipients, Dr. Harold Amstutz and Dr. Dan Upson, so richly deserved the honor.