The 2012 45th Annual American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) conference dazzled in Montreal, Canada, Sept. 20-22 with a total of 1800 registrants, including 1,219 veterinarians and students, as well as hundreds of exhibitors and accompanying persons. Veterinarians from 14 countries were in attendance.

Also meeting in conjunction with AABP was the American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners.

Outstanding award winners

AABP 2012As always, highlights of AABP include the numerous veterinarians honored by their peers. The following awards were given at the AABP meeting:
• Boehringer Ingelheim Practitioner of the Year, Dr. Earl Aalseth, Lake Stevens, Wash.
• AABP Award of Excellence, Dr. Roger Ellis, Granville, N.Y.
• Merial AABP Award for Excellence in Preventive Beef Medicine, Dr. Mark Hilton, West Lafayette, Ind.
• Merial AABP Award for Excellence in Preventive Dairy Medicine, Dr. Allan Britten, Boise, Idaho
• Pfizer Animal Health/AABP Distinguished Service Award, Dr. Keith Sterner, Ionia, Mich.
• Merck Animal Health Mentor of the Year Award, Dr. Arthur Currey, Fowlerville, Mich.
• AABP/Merial James A. Jarrett Award for Young Leaders, Dr. Jennifer Hatcher, College Grove, Tenn.

AABP 2012Other AA BP awards:
2012 Cattle Production Veterinarian Hall of Fame, sponsored by Merck Animal Health, Bovine Veterinarian, AABP, AVC and Osborn Barr:
• Dairy: Dr. Jim Jarrett
• Beef: Dr. John Herrick

 AgriLabs Dr. Bruce Wren Continuing Education Grant
• Beef: Dr. Seth Hartter, Bloomfield, Iowa
• Dairy: Dr. David Hudson, Palmyra, Mo.

Merial and Dairy Quality Center Dairy Quality Veterinarian of the Year, Stephen Wadsworth, St. Albans, Vt.

AABP Foundation/Hooftrimmers Association Joint Research Award, Iowa State University
Visit the AABP section at and to see additional information on the 2012 AABP conference. The 2013 AABP conference will be held Sept. 19-21, 2012, in Milwaukee, Wis.


AABP scholarships and student awards
Numerous scholarship and externship awards were given at the 2012 AABP meeting. Scholarship winners are:

Pfizer Animal Health Veterinary Student Scholarship Fund
Pfizer Animal Health and the AABP Foundation awarded 15 veterinary medicine students with a $5,000 scholarship. Travel and lodging costs also were provided to the scholarship recipients to attend the AABP Annual Conference.

AABP 2012The 2012 scholarship recipients are:
Travis Allen – Washington State University
Kathryn Bach – University of Pennsylvania
Brooks Butler – Kansas State University
Rebecca Domenigoni - Western University of Health Sciences
Dallas Duncan – University of Illinois
Jacob Geis – Iowa State University
Tim R. Gibbs – Washington State University
J. Oliver Irons - Auburn University
Caleb Jenkin – Auburn University
Jonathan Klemme – Texas A&M University
Lindley Reilly – University of Wisconsin
Eric J. Rooker – University of Wisconsin
Judd Sims – University of Florida
Emily Waggoner – University of Georgia
Amanda Wagner – The Ohio State University

2012 Amstutz Scholarship recipients
The 2012 American Association of Bovine Practitioners Amstutz scholarships were awarded to veterinary students at the 44th annual AABP meeting. Out of 52 applicants, nine students received $7,500 each.

The 2012 Amstutz scholars are:
Kristen Clenney, University of Missouri
Thomas Cully, Cornell Universtiy
Andrea Eilenfeld, Ohio State University
Matt Mundy, Mississippi State University
Tracy Quirk, Washington State University
Ryan Rademacher, Oregon State University
Henry Reinart, Michigan State University
Katrina Thompson, University of California-Davis
Abigail Wirt, University of Minnesota

Merck AABP Bovine Veterinary Student Recognition Awards
Eight bovine veterinary students from across the U.S. each received $1,500 and an all-expenses-paid trip to the AABP annual conference. The award is sponsored by Merck Animal Health.

The 2012 recipients are:
Rebecca Domenigoni - Western University of Health Sciences
Grant Fontenot - Louisiana State University
J. Oliver Irons - Auburn University
Leslie Kirschten Liane - Iowa State University
Lindley Reilly - University of Wisconsin
Henry Reinart - Michigan State University
Levi Smith - Michigan State University
Emily Waggoner - University of Georgia

AABP Foundation - Cargill Animal Health Scholarships
Travis Allen, Washington State University
Joel Anderson, The Ohio State University
Jacob Geis, Iowa State University
Jared Ranly, Texas A&M University
Dusti Small, University of Florida
Emily Waggoner, University of Georgia
Amanda Wagner, The Ohio State University