As you can see by the title, there are some changes afoot. After almost 20 years as founding editor of Bovine Veterinarian, I have taken a newly created position as Communications Specialist with the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP), and this will be the last Bovine Veterinarian issue under my leadership.

My 20 years with Bovine Veterinarian have been filled with joy in the learning, the traveling and most of all the fellowship of beef and dairy veterinarians, nutritionists and the animal health industry. Among my travels I’ve seen cattle ranches in Hawaii, Amish dairies in Pennsylvania, feedlots in Idaho and have even been on a cattle drive in Wyoming. I’ve been to countless industry meetings and well over a dozen veterinary schools across this great country.

Having grown up the daughter of a veterinarian, I have been immersed in what I believe is one of the most profoundly important industries on earth – that of food production and agriculture – in which each and every one of you play a critical role.

In 20 years we’ve watched exciting new advances in things like BVDV research, technology, diagnostic tests, immunology, genetics and new products. We’ve gone from snail mail to instantaneous communication on smartphones, from large desk-top computers to touch screens on iPads.

We’ve seen the devastation a BSE case can have on an industry, the battle with animal activists on animal care, stricter regulations on veterinary drugs and animal abuse cases on social media. Still, bovine veterinarians rise to these challenges with knowledge, science, credibility and an image in consumers’ minds of people who care. And you do. I’ve seen it in your faces, in the way you handle cattle and in the way you talk to veterinary students and your producer clients.

I have been privileged to ride along on your calls to dairies, ranches and feedlots, visit your clinics, diagnostic labs and veterinary schools, and even stay in some of your homes with you and your families. I can’t thank you enough for the information and help you’ve given me, the photo opportunities you have afforded me and the enthusiasm you have for your profession.

Bovine Veterinarian will transition to the very capable leadership of John Maday, whom many of you have known for almost 20 years as Managing Editor of our Drovers CattleNetwork brand. John is an excellent writer, knows the cattle industry inside and out and already has many relationships with bovine veterinarians. John can be reached at

I look forward to working with everyone in my new role at AABP, and I’m positive you will offer the same help and knowledge to John as Bovine Veterinarian prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversary in September (at the AABP meeting no less!). I expect to see everyone there.

Thank you for being great sources and excellent teachers, and I am even more proud to call many of you my close friends. We’ll see you down the road!