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January 2014

Gasses in perspective

Whether or not you believe in human-perpetrated global climate change, there is increasing recognition that you — bovine veterinarians — are helping fight it. How so? By improving the production efficiency of your clients’ herds. Full Story.

Perception gaps remain on livestock antibiotics

A November conference in Kansas City, titled “Bridging the Gap between Animal Health and Human Health,” helped advance a dialogue between animal agriculture, human medicine, public health and consumer groups on the issue of antibiotic resistance. Full Story.

Healthy genes

New and emerging technologies offer potential for improving cattle health and well-being. Full Story.

NMC: Striving for dairy health and milk quality

The National Mastitis Council (NMC) represents a global effort to coordinate all available resources to help the dairy industry control mastitis, improve udder health and enhance milk quality through research, the exchange of information and education. Full Story.

High-altitude disease or high-production disease? - Part 2

A widespread misconception is that bovine pulmonary hypertension (BPH) is only problematic at high altitude; this is not true! Full Story.

“Good” health records: Working toward quality dairy health data

The health records on many dairies aren’t “good” and I have the references to prove it! They document a lack of accuracy and consistency needed for efficient summary and analysis. Full Story.

Antibiotic resistance — can we bridge the gap?

Expanded dialogue and shared accountability could bring change to livestock production. Full Story.

Receiving high-risk cattle

During my 30-plus years as part of the cattle industry, I have witnessed the last of the 3-year-old steers, probably the last of the 2-year-old steers, the continued wane of available yearling steers, an increasing dependence on calves and, most recently, a willingness to feed anything that will fill a pen, thereby generating cash flow and hopefully making a profit. Full Story.

Lancet commission calls for major changes in antibiotic use

The week of Nov. 18-24, was Antibiotic Awareness Week in the United States, Hong Kong, Canada and Australia. Full Story.