Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) is a leading cause of death for cattle in North America, but by carefully monitoring beef cows, producers can help keep calves BRD-free.

Data shows that of all calf deaths in the U.S., BRD is cause of around 29 percent. The illness is complex and can manifest as a series of infections. Unfortunately, cases of BRD are increasing in calves, Washington State University Extension reported.

Risk factors for BRD include a weakened immune system, climate, age, weight, nutrition and stress. Protection and prevention of the disease requires a combination of antibiotics, vaccines and management practices.

One easy way to influence cattle's likeihood of not getting BRD is to feed cattle nutritious feed. Feeds need to meet the requirements for energy, protein and macro and micro-nutrients. Feed that meets those requirements helps keep a cow's reproductive performance top notch, which helps produce healthy calves.

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