GREENFIELD, Ind. ”• Elanco announces the availability of FeedLINK, a web-based tool from GlobalVetLINK that makes it quicker and easier for a veterinarian to issue a Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) for use with Pulmotil, an in-feed bovine respiratory disease (BRD) treatment that requires a VFD. 

Web-based VFD tool available for use with Pulmotil in cattle“We are excited to bring a tool to the beef industry that makes issuing and tracking VFDs faster,” said Brad Williams, DVM, MBA and Elanco beef technical consultant. “The entire VFD process from creation to signature can be completed within FeedLINK ”• there is no need to worry about security or paperwork management. The system does it all.”

Fast, easy and accurate
Within FeedLINK, a veterinarian can quickly and easily issue VFDs for a producer with multiple cattle locations. Basic information, unique animal sites and feed supplier details for each producer are saved to a veterinarian’s profile for quick recall during future use. Built-in calculators also automatically compute totals for dose and feed volume, ensuring accuracy and label compliance. 

After an eVFD is created in the system, FeedLINK automatically sends an electronic copy to the feed supplier and producer via email. Automatic reminders are sent to alert the veterinarian when a VFD is about to expire and needs to be renewed for an individual producer.

“This tool meets all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for electronic signatures so users can be assured that they are complying with guidelines,” said Heather Van Lin, product marketing manager, GlobalVetLINK. “GlobalVetLINK has partnered with Elanco for more than a decade in the swine industry and we are looking forward to making this tool as widely used and successful in the beef industry.”

Getting started
The process is started by the veterinarian who sets up a password-protected account by going to or calling GlobalVetLINK directly at 515-817-5703. Once an account is verified by GlobalVetLINK, the veterinarian can issue eVFDs for producers.

“The VFD process is a coordinated effort between producers, veterinarians and feed suppliers,” said Williams. “FeedLINK allows the veterinarian to initiate and manage the VFD process more efficiently, while enhancing communication with all parties by using a web-based system.”

With its commercial launch for cattle in late 2012, Pulmotil became the first product for the beef industry requiring a VFD. The eVFD is part of the commitment Elanco has made to providing ongoing education on product and VFD use to the industry.