Visual symptoms of a health risk can come too late for beef and dairy producers, but an electronic pill in development can monitor the health of a cow and diagnose problems before they get out of control.

Vital Herd Inc. co-founder Brian Walsh says the electronic bovine health monitoring transmitter can save the beef and dairy industries by diagnosing a problem before visual symptoms alert producers of an issue.  

The Cloud-based system connects cows to the internet where livestock operators and veterinarians can monitor their animals in real-time via a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The company plans to make individual cattle monitoring affordable. In a release last year, the company claims the product provides a solution to save 4 million animals from dying and prevent $5 billion in annual livestock losses. Although a unit price for the device has not been announced, Walsh says the product could give dairy producers an eight-fold return on their investment in the product and can triple profits on feedlots.

According to Mainebiz, the device measures temperature, pH, respiratory and heart rate and other behavioral and health statistics at a fraction of the cost of conventional techniques. Future product offerings may include a device lasting three-to-five years for dairies and a year-long pill for beef cattle.

Vital Herd Inc. was founded in April 2012 and raised over $800,000 in just the past two months.